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Want To Make More Money, Land Better Projects & Get More Remodeling Leads Online?

Are you tired of buying roofing leads from big-name companies with no results? Does your “Marketing Company” seem out of touch with the contracting industry in general? Contracting Marketing Results is the leader in helping ONLY contractors use well-executed online marketing strategies to take their businesses to the next level.

The Proven “Remodeling Online Dominance Method” To Be the Most Trusted and Well-known Remodeling Contractor in Your Area!

What if you were looking for a company to help promote your construction business on the internet? What would be key elements of this marketing campaign, and how can an experienced digital marketer make or break success in today's competitive world. With so many companies offering what seems like nearly identical services it is important that each individual has their own unique selling point which will set them apart from others with similar offerings-in order to attract potential customers who may only see one ad across multiple platforms during search engine results pages (SERPs).

Remodeling Contractor Online Dominance Method

Web Design & Brand Consistency

We'll audit your website as well as check your content ranked for specific keywords so you can see some results. It's not instant, but if we get it right, it can be a game-changer. Then provide consistent branding across all of your platforms online and off. 

Reputation Management

Your online reputation is critical to the success or failure of your internet marketing efforts. To that end, we will be putting a system in place that notifies you as new reviews are posted (Good/Bad ratings).

Search Solutions

The key to an effective SEO strategy for your home contracting business is fresh, unique content. Our copywriting team will write unique content for the top home contracting services and sub-cities or communities in your service area (Your Main City + sub-cities).

Expand Your Reach

We will leverage your existing social media profiles and email marketing to drive traffic beyond the website. We will manage your ongoing campaign efforts by sending a monthly e-newsletter to your client base on your behalf.

Marketing Automation

“Smart Forms” will immediately follow up on your web forms via Phone (Direct Connect), Voice Mail & SMS Text Message. Leads followed up within a few minutes or less are 10 times more likely to get a consultation and further discussions.

Analysis & Reporting

To grow, we need to ensure we are delivering on that objective by quantifying results and tracking each lead mechanism. It includes traffic & search trends, SEO report, and call tracking.

The Ultimate Internet Marketing Checklist for Contractors & Remodelers


Did you say a checklist?

Yes! We get how frustrating it can be to understand all the many different ways to get leads online. From Pay-Per-Click ads to SEO to Social Media. There are so many people and companies calling you on a daily basis telling you they have the solution. It's quick. It's easy. It's cheap. They've got the next best thing.

What's the Right Choice?

What do you do, what order do you do it in, and who do you trust?
We've worked with hundreds of companies like yours, reviewing websites, and coming up with a strong blueprint of a successful internet marketing strategy.

Get your free remodeling business marketing checklist now!

remodeling marketing checklist

Kickstart Your Online Marketing Strategy

Take the next step to a more powerful online marketing strategy for your remodeling company.

Getting Started

Find out what makes us different from other web services. We will truly walk you through the process and guide you. We've learned over the years that the biggest roadblock to your website is you. We'll take you from zero to win in one week.

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Remodeler Websites

Take a look at some of our websites. We offer a slew of website designs for  you to choose from and customize. We get you started quickly but know you want something unique so we worked hard to give you a choice without overwhelming you.

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On-Going Support

This isn't a Do-It-Yourself system. We will build your website but guide you so we have the best result. Then we continue to work with you through weekly webinars where we have 10 minute presentation and 30 minutes of Q&A.

Website Maintenance
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A Competitive Edge

With our unique websites geared just for your business and creative influence, you'll gain the competitive edge. We'll invite experts and others that have been there too. They'll share their wins and losses so you can learn through their experience.


Creative Services

Creative services for building your construction marketing toolkit. We develop tools for external and internal marketing to a wide variety of companies that range from small local brands to multi-location national corporations.

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Drive Leads

We build websites on an SEO foundation with best practices to improve your ability to generate high-quality traffic and sales leads.

Contractor Marketing Results