Google Ads Management

Google Ads Management for Remodelers

Contractor Marketing Results knows that when you want to be successful, it’s crucial for your brand and finances. This is why we help contractors as yourself succeed without spending too much of your hard-earned revenue on Google ads management services.

We have been a trusted name in Google ads management for years. We make sure your brand gets off the ground thanks to our affordable rates and performance metrics that always deliver results on time - every single month!

Let us help you get the most out of your advertising dollars. We'll work with Google Ads to get you quickly up and running, and our experience in paying attention to every detail means that no stone will be left unturned when it comes time for budgeting!

Remodelers need the Google ad setup to get the most out of their budget.

Google Ads is a great option for those trying to grow their business. With more control over the process, you can get your lead generation system up faster than with organic or local optimization efforts alone! We incorporate

Our Google Ads Management Services Includes:

  • 1 Custom built key worded Google Ad campaigns for your remodeling business
  • 2 Active, ongoing campaign management
  • 3 Custom display ad creation by our designers
  • 4 Display campaign creation and ongoing campaign management
  • 5 Remarketing to recapture your leads
  • 6 Direct campaign reporting
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Google Ads Campaign Construction & Management

To get the most out of Google Ads, there are many steps along the way. Some within your campaign (good ad copy & design) and some on our end - like making sure that you have a well-designed remodeling website! We will take care of everything from inception to finalizing text-based ads so they're successful.

Plus, Contractor Marketing Results PPC Program does not just mean Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) management - it means Google Ad, Display Network, and Display Remarketing creation and management - the whole package!

Google Ads Management for Remodelers

Preparation Of Targeted Google Ads Campaigns

Google is all about data, and we want to make sure that our Google Ads campaigns are tailored for the best possible results. We'll have a kick-off meeting before getting started so you can share your goals with us in order to help achieve them!

We will send you a Google Ads packet to complete and then verify your Google Ads campaign goals.

Display Ad Creation

We'll create a custom advertisement customized for you and the Google Display Network. These ads can appear throughout all of google's networks which means more potential customers seeing them everywhere they go online including larger news websites, niche blogs, and more.

Keyword Construction

We'll develop custom campaigns based on your needs and what we know about the remodeling industry. You can expect us to keep an eye out for trends, and new tactics that are working - all while monitoring how well these strategies are working within yours!

We'll Enable Remarketing

Every time someone visits your website, we can trigger remarketing code that will let you advertise to users who have visited your site, without interrupting their browsing experience.

Google Ads Performance & Direct Reporting

The Google Ads Weekly Performance report provides data on the weekly performance of your Ads campaign(s) that are connected to the Google Analytics profile associated with your website.

After your campaign is live, we'll email you reports detailing the numbers. You can review these and we can discuss any necessary changes to keep things on track for success!
We're committed to sending out monthly updates so that we may continue fine-tuning the campaign(s).

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