Review and Reputation Management

Reviews and Reputation Management

What do you think of as a company's most vital aspect? Reputation.

Unfortunately, now that online posts can trigger significant concerns with your brand and business reputation management services are needed for any company's brands to remain effective in this environment where everything is public information - even the bad stuff!

You can gain efficiency by managing your customer feedback and online reviews all in one place. See results as you capture, monitor, and grow your reputation.

In addition to adding reviews, you'll be able to catch negative reviews before the customer posts them on a website. You have the opportunity to respond to any poor feedback and keep your customer happy.

Online reviews and reputation management

Building Your Reputation

Reviews have considerable power.

  • 1 93 percent of American consumers say that read online reviews at least occasionally, up from 91 percent in 2016.
  • 2 35 percent of people always read online reviews when hiring a local business.
  • 3 85 percent of people surveyed trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • 4 49 percent of people only want to use businesses if they have minimum ratings of four out of five stars.

Most of the people who are looking to hire someone like you are heading straight for sites like Google and Angie's List.

When prospective clients are looking for a remodeler, they'll find your online profile(s) and look for feedback. If you have a solid online reputation or you have lots of recent reviews from real customers this show how great it is to work with you. This means that there's more chance than ever to convert.

Become the Best Known Remodeler

The goal of any successful remodeling business should be to become the best-known in your area.

The remodeling business is challenging. It's not easy to compete with the bigger competition, and you need a lot of persistence if you're going up against them. However, there may be one way to make things easier for yourself: become known as "The Best Known Remodeler" around town!

We recommend using the three core principles mentioned above when pursuing this ultimate goal: an omnipresent marketing system, which gives customers confidence knowing they'll get high-quality work from experienced professionals such as yours (and saves time!).

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